Homemade soaps, body butter, body scrubs, and candles, crafted with love especially for you.

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About me

Greetings, my name is Dee.

Welcome to the WORTHDEE village where you will find all natural and handmade solutions inspired by my African roots, for your daily self-care.  I started this business during a transitional phase of my life.  Fully enabling myself to redefine who I am and who I aspire to become as my life’s path continues to unfold. 

A little about myself. I am originally from Cameroon, Africa. I am a social worker and currently a graduate student. I consider myself a relentless “student of life” and a firm believer of “when you know better, do better” (Maya Angelou),  and  “health is wealth”. I personally believe knowing better and doing better exemplifies our understanding of self-worth. To give this beautiful life a fair chance is to welcome it at its natural state by taking care of our physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental health.  As I create these products, those are the things I keep in mind. I want to help you become in your self-care journey. You are in this lifetime because you are absolutely WORTHY. 


More importantly, there is no way I would be able to get this far without the support of my family, friends, and community. Matthew 5:14 states “you are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden”. Each of us are WORTHY of being that light. Because you are WORTHY, you are worth every second of our time spent in creating these natural skin care solutions for you.

Feel free to explore/join the village and reach out should you have any questions or concerns.

As always, you are Worthdee!


Feedbacks from our Worthdee Village

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However, we are eager to get your feedback.

Average Сustomer Rating
If you are reading this, you NEED this! Your skin will thank you later. I don’t usually leave reviews but this definitely left me feeling some type of way! Brb while I go use this!!!
John Kim
Okay, this one was my next favorite. If you are indecisive like I am, just get both. You won’t regret it! Already feeling my stay at home glow up, love self-care products and love them
Elton Don
Absolutely LOVE this! I’m already noticing a difference. I ordered several to try and this one is BY FAR the best! If you are hesitant on which one to try, I’d recommend this one!!!
Russel Drou


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