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  • Mint Fresh Soap Bar


    Mint soap bars works for troubled, oily, combination skin as the cleansing action of Spearmint oil in this natural soap can help to decongest these types of skin. This soap bar is great for helping clearing sinuses.

    *Each bar sold separately*

  • Sisal Agave Washcloth


    This all natural Sisal Washcloth derived from Agave plant has numerous benefits! The fibers amazingly massage and simultaneously conducts a gentle exfoliation on your skin, leaving you with soft and glowing skin. The design mimics a glove so you can insert your favorite Worthdee Tribe soap directly in the pouch as you conduct your skin care routine.

    This washcloth promotes a higher lather result from your favorite Worthdee Tribe soap bar saving you from wasting bits and pieces of soap as you can now leave the soap in the cloth until it dissipates entirely. In addition to all its greatness, the pouch is also a zero waste product and very eco friendly!